This page was created to spread a deeper understanding and appreciation of accessibility. It's a constantly evolving, live resource. It provides the methods and tools to help you design accessible learning experiences, in the most practical ways possible. 

Tools for designing accessible eLearning:

Hemingway editor

This free tool will help you write content that is easy to read. You can paste text into the web based tool and see what it recommends, or you can download a desktop app to make life even easier.

Color Safe

This free web based tool allows you to come up with great looking colour palettes that also meet accessibility guidelines.

Tools for testing accessible eLearning:

JAWS screen reader

JAWS is the world's most common screen reader. It's the best option to test for screen reader compatibility

Thunder screen reader

Thunder is a free alternative to JAWS,however it is not as powerful.. If you are going to use Thunder, it would be best to download a trial of JAWS at the same time and review the same elearning using both. This will give you a clear idea in any differing behaviours you need to be aware of in future doing only Thunder based testing.

Colour Contrast Analyser

This free tool allows you to test for contrast accessibility requirements. Using an eye-dropper feature, you simply select your foreground or font colour, then the background colour. It tells you the contrast ratio, as well as if the colour combination meets accessibility guidelines or not.

Windows Magnifier

This is a tool that is built into Windows 10 and will magnify your screen.

Chromatic Vision Simulator

This is a free app available for Apple and Android devices. Using your phone camera, it simulates various colour blindness conditions.