10 Tips for Creating INCREDIBLE Blog Post Titles - #4 Made Me Spit Out My Cornflakes!


Clickbait titles are a dangerous habit to fall into. Beau tells us why it's one you should kick.

I'm sorry. I've misled you.

There is no wicked-awesome list of tips. Even if there was, number four wouldn't have made me choke on my cereal. I didn't even have cereal this morning. I had eggs. But that's not the point.

We all know the headlines. Desperately screaming like a small child, breaking down at the supermarket checkout. “CLICK ME! CLICK ME!” Other shoppers give you a polite smile, but their eyes are saying something else entirely. You pander; the Cherry Ripe goes into the trolley.

Problem solved… Right?


The crying continues as your child tips over the Cherry Ripe stand. A tide of red wrappers pours onto the floor. The young girl at the checkout assures you with a grimace that it really isn’t any trouble.

If you want to attract an audience that will come back to your blog for the quality content you keep pushing out, you might want to avoid these kinds of headlines.

The problem with writing clickbaity titles is that you will get sucked into a black hole you can’t get out of. You need to ask yourself what kind of audience you want to attract to your blog. It’s all well and good to attract visitor numbers to your blog, but by using click bait titles you might not be attracting the right kind of readers.

These readers are like the lost souls of the internet, ghosting around from one click-bait title to the next. They don’t care what else you write on your blog, they just care about your relatively interesting headline. The only way you can attract them back to your blog is by doing the same thing again. A dangerous pattern can form and before you know it, you are writing clickbait after clickbait; trying to fill a bathtub without having any idea where the plug is.

Once you start, you can’t stop. A loyal, devoted readership base is much better than a bunch of users looking for the next headline sugar-hit. Be honest with your readers; you don’t need to rope them in with clickbait. Instead, make your content thoughtful and exciting to read. Give it some personality and bring Pinocchio to life. Make your blog a real boy. Be the blog you want to read.

So next time your child is screaming at you for some chocolaty cherry goodness, stand firm. There is a lovely roast to be served for dinner. Don’t give in. Because if you do, you will never win.

Leave your audience hanging off every word you write, not which number in your list that saw your breakfast end up on the floor.