Don’t pay for training: Introduction


It's easy to jump to the conclusion that training will fix a performance problem, but is there any easier (and more cost effective) way?

Obviously we're big fans of workplace training, but we also believe that a lot of training out there shouldn't exist. It's either been created to solve a problem that could've been handled in a much easier way or it's not going to work because of wider issues.

Before you make the decision to go ahead with training, you need to do some thorough analysis and reflection. It's pretty quick and easy but it's the most crucial step in the whole instructional design process.

There are a number of things that you should explore before deciding to create training:

Are there clear expectations?
Is feedback being given?
Do people have access to the right equipment and resources?
Are people being punished if they do the right thing?
Are people being rewarded for doing the wrong thing?
Could the task(s) be simplified?
Are there any obstacles getting in the way?
Do people have opportunity to practice this skill?
Do you have the right people for this job?

We've written about each question in more detail in the blogs above. Just click the links for more details.

We've also created a simple chatbot that can take you through this process whenever you need to work out if training is the answer. Have a chat to it here.