Don't pay for training: Provide equipment and resources


Do those concerned have everything they need to do the job?

It’s all well and good knowing you’re supposed to do something. If your people have clear expectations, then everything has been solved, right?


If your people don’t have the right tools or resources to do the job, then how on Earth are they supposed to do it? Don’t pay for training without fixing this first.

If your people can’t perform their job well enough because of the tools they’re using, that’s not something that training can fix. For example, let’s say you needed your employee to nail 200 nails into wood per hour to build a house. By using a hammer, they’re limited to only 100 nails per hour. Do you train them to use a hammer faster?

If your people have access to tools and resources (like a nail gun) that will help them achieve the desired performance, then they will be on their way to… well… achieving the desired performance.

Observe how your people are doing their work and ask yourself if there are any systems or tools obstructing their performance. Sometimes your people may already know what they need to do, but they don’t have the right tools at their disposal to achieve them.

The problems could be fixed by simplifying clunky processes, implementing systems that simplify the job, or adding tools to help speed up the work.

After all, a builder can’t create a house without any tools.

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