Don't pay for training: Provide practice


Is the skill used often?

Your people may have once been able to perform the action to the expected standard. However, this may no longer be the case if they aren’t often required to perform the action. There is a chance that they have lost the ability to complete the task.

If the task or action needs to be completed once or twice a year, the simple explanation could be that your people have just forgotten how to do it.

An example of this could be firefighting. Realistically, firefighters aren’t going to carry people out of burning buildings every day. This could be a random occurrence that only happens once every so often.

So how do we keep people sharp for a task they don’t usually complete?

Let them practice!

This could be done by practicing the task on the job or in a simulated environment. If the practice can be completed in the workplace, you won’t have to spend any money on training in order to address this.

However, if it is not practical to… practice… you can create a simulated environment through eLearning, role playing, AR, VR and more. Whatever best simulates the task and environment for your people.

By keeping your people sharp on a skill that they don’t use often, they will be more likely to execute that skill when needed.

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