Don't pay for training: Remove obstacles


Are there any obstacles in the way?

You might have the ideal setup for your people. They know what is expected of them and they receive feedback on their performance. They may have the appropriate resources and the task has been simplified for them. On top of that, the work is not punishing and there is no reward for undesired performance.

If that’s the case and the undesired performance is still occurring, what on Earth could be the problem?

There may be things outside the task that are getting in the way of what your people need to do. Perhaps they keep getting distracted by colleagues asking them questions. Maybe they have to answer the phone every ten minutes. Paperwork might be holding up the process.

If there are obstacles stopping your people from achieving the desired performance, how can you expect your people to perform well? Don’t pay for training without fixing this first.

The solution to this problem is pretty simple: Remove the obstacles!

Observe people doing the task and find any obstacles that are getting in the way, then remove them!

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