Meet the Team: Brenton Sewart


In this edition of our Meet the Team series, we sit down with Brenton Sewart - Pure Learning's Graphic Designer.

brenton sewart graphic designer pure learning

Hi Brenton! Tell us about your role at Pure Learning.

I’m the graphic designer, the web developer, the photographer and whatever else happens to come up that is slightly creative. I’m also the UI and UX designer. Quite a few things!

How did you get into the creative sphere of things?

When I was 15 or 16 I used to play around with Photoshop to create crappy things using my own photography and stock photography. I’d throw them up on DeviantArt thinking I was really cool. I did Studio Art in Year 12 but I always thought I was going to do music. I never really concentrated on it! I left High School and thought to myself: Crap. Now I need to get a job that makes money! I applied for a graphic design course, I got in and the rest is history!

What do you love about your job?

Flexibility and variation. In the past few weeks, I’ve done a website, I’ve done the most boring print design you could imagine but I’ve also done some really cool and exciting print design stuff too! Some eLearning design too. I get to do a bit of everything! If something new comes up I get to go straight for it.

What are your impressions of the eLearning industry?

It’s very stale. I haven’t seen a lot of amazing eLearning. I think, like everyone else, I’ve had the experience of really terrible eLearning. You’ll show some information on some slides, ask a few multiple choice questions when you’re done… It’s something I really don’t like. The reason I joined the team was because Matt (Pure Learning CEO) described something much more exciting about what eLearning could be.

What is Brenton like away from work?

(Laughs) Very quiet… Very… It’s a good question! I think the people I work with would be shocked by how quiet I am away from the office. When I get to work I am quite loud and opinionated. Once I’m away from work I’m pretty normal! Quiet, reserved and happy to do my own thing. Very different!

What do you get up to in your down time?

Heaps of stuff! I like to ride bikes, I like to run, design things. I’ve been playing a lot more guitar and bass recently. Too much to do sometimes!

What is something you have had to learn outside of work?

Just about every hobby I went through! Most of them have a very steep learning curve so learning is something I really enjoy. A few years ago I got a big learning kick about biology. I wanted to know everything I could about biology. I used Khan Academy and did hours and hours of lessons on biology and learned things I probably should have learned in High School. I should have been paying attention! I’ve learned how to ride and play guitar; it seems pretty simple but it was actually really difficult.

How did you learn to play the guitar?

I started playing bass by learning songs by ear or from tabs. I then started to have lessons because I needed to be learning certain things during Year 12. If I wanted to learn a song I would look up a video or look up a tab and then utterly fail the first time I tried it! I guess that is what happens when you try stuff way beyond you! But after weeks and weeks of practice, I would then be able to play it… Usually!

Were you ever in a band?

Yes! I was in a couple through High School and just after I finished. I really miss being in a band. It was a lot of fun. I played bass. I never played guitar in a band but I always played it at home!

What was your trademark song?

I don’t think we had one! We did a few gigs but no one really knew our songs. We probably did about seven or eight gigs. That was it! My whole career!

Finally, what do you like about working at Pure Learning?

I think the biggest thing is that we are not afraid to make mistakes. We will try new things. I think that is why eLearning is where it is. Companies are too afraid to try new things and make mistakes. They will try “new things” as long as they know it is a safe bet. I don’t think we are stuck to that. That doesn’t mean we will fail, it means we will try new things and try to make it work. It’s exciting. Working for a new company that wants to make a name for itself… It’s exciting!