We attended: NZ HR Conference


Raf Dolanowski went across the ditch to discover if the eLearning landscape was as pretty as the rest of New Zealand.

raf at nz hr conference elearning

Along with our sister company Future Knowledge, Pure Learning exhibited at the NZ HR Conference last week. After leaving Australia, we arrived in a windy, cloudy, sometimes sunny but then cloudy again Wellington.

The event was a great chance to expand the awareness of Pure Learning into the New Zealand market. It also gave us the opportunity to engaging with HR professionals and providers to gain an insight into what the eLearning space looks like across the Tasman.

Over the course of the two days, there were several interesting take aways:

  • Like in Australia, a majority of people don’t see eLearning in a positive light.
  • Having ‘eLearning that doesn’t suck’ on a business card is a great conversation starter.
  • New Zealand organisations are about 2-3 years behind Australia when it comes to eLearning adoption.
  • There is a lot less focus on compliance training in New Zealand than in Australia.
  • New Zealanders know how to make a good beer.
  • The same cannot be said about their coffee.

The most interesting point from the list above is how compliance topics like bullying, privacy and discrimination are treated in New Zealand. The lag for general eLearning adoption was also evident.

The majority of delegates I spoke with at the conference didn’t have any compliance training at their organisation. Those that did delivered it through face to face training. Putting employees through annual compliance training is considered fairly standard practice in Australia. Based on the conversations I had, it is very much the exception in New Zealand.

Organisations that did have compliance training available to staff focused on delivering it as face to face training. There was a sense that eLearning could not deliver real behavioural outcomes.

This could be accounted for by an apparent lag in New Zealand organisations adopting eLearning when compared to Australia. One delegate I spoke with represented a company that had over 1500 staff, yet they didn’t even have an LMS in the organisation, let alone any eLearning. I am yet to speak with any organisation of that size based in Australia based that does not have an LMS solution in place.

However, this is a rather exciting opportunity as it allows us to ‘fast track’ our New Zealand based clients in their adoption of eLearning. We have the chance to bring them in line with what is considered common practice in Australia. We can help those organisations avoid some of the negative learnings many organisations go through in their early days of eLearning adoption. It is a very exciting opportunity.

All in all, this was a fantastic event for us to get our message out into the New Zealand market. I feel while it was only a short time, we would have sparked some new thoughts and questions in the minds of the delegates we spoke with.

We plan on being back again next year and we will bring significantly more freebie stress balls to give out. We want to ensure no-one misses out.

If you’re interested in talking about eLearning solution opportunities in the New Zealand space, please contact me at raf@purelearning.com.au