Say no to bad eLearning

Bad eLearning affects us all. There are so many different forms it takes, but the point is that we've all suffered from it. The good news it that you can be part of the solution. The even better news is that we've done the hard work and research for you.


Reduce next button abuse

Everyone hates eLearning where you just click next, next, next. But the Next button isn't the cause of bad eLearning. It's a symptom of bad interaction design. Now, the solution isn't to throw out the Next button, but to consider better, more purposeful alternatives. It's totally possible to create engaging interactions AND let your users move through the eLearning easily.

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Learn from your mistakes

Did you know most learners don't feel they get enough feedback? Feedback allows people to answer questions by learning where they went wrong, not by using the process of elimination. This goes hand-in-hand with making eLearning challenging. Overtly easy questions will actually stop people from learning. If the answers are basically given to them, what's the point in asking the questions?


Stop being forced to have "fun"

Bad eLearning with gamification is still bad eLearning. Most bad practices add games or game mechanics (like badges) into eLearning without connecting them to the material. Though the intentions are good, it creates a distraction that damages the ability to complete any learning objectives. Distractions not only increase the chance of errors but have the potential to clear out the audience's short-term memory.


Put yourself in their shoes

The last time you needed to be read to was as a child, listening to a bedtime story. The average adult reads twice as fast as they hear words. It's time to cut out the forced voiceovers. While you're at it, quit it with the complicated jargon. People prefer concise words over abstract, jargon-filled sentences. Write in language the audience will understand, and use technical terms wisely.