Once you start thinking about using video and animation at work, you realise it’s a no-brainer.

Let’s look at the benefits. You can communicate a lot of information very quickly, they can be creative and engaging, and they work on any device. When it comes to bang-for-your-buck, video and animation are the best way to explain something to a large dispersed audience.

Here's a few ways you can use video and animation at work.

Explainer videos

The goal of explainer videos is to 'explain' an idea, service, or process in a way that attracts focus and attention. By using both visuals and audio in a short video format, you can deliver information quickly and concisely. It's far more engaging and accessible than receiving an email with the exact same words, and a great opportunity to show a bit of personality.

The real secret to a good explainer video is great storytelling. We’re wired to remember stories over facts and figures and that’s what makes a great explainer video work so well. You can use metaphors and analogies. It’s also not just about the voice over; the true value of using video is that you can also use visuals to communicate.




Teasers are like explainer videos, but they don’t explain anything. They're designed to create curiosity and interest about something. These are a great change management tool and we use them quite often as a part of our learning campaigns.


Video Performance Support

Short bite sized video clips to show you how to do something. Video is the perfect reference, because you can show the full context and environment of a process being performed.


User-generated videos

You don’t have to hire someone to create the most important videos. Your company is full of people who have specific knowledge that needs to be shared. These people all have smartphones too. So what if they could record a video themselves?

We'll work with you to develop standards and a strategy, assess the technical requirements, then build the capability and desire in your company for users to create their own training and reference videos.

Right now you may be asking "How do I know what I need?"

We'll work with you to determine what works best and if animation or video is the best option for you. We also do a lot of work to understand your company's culture, the subject matter and the audience, so we develop the right visual style and tone for each video.

And no matter how it will look, the process is simple.


Of course, the first part of the process is speaking to us.


Here are some other things we do.


Learning Campaigns

The Video & Animation we create usually fits into a much wider change and training strategy. For example, this learning campaign approach.


Digital Learning

Our eLearning often contains a lot of video animation, but it's highly interactive so people also get to practice what they're learning.